Trends in Popular Music

Posted on September 27, 2019

Data Science


With every decade since the fifties, there is obvious music genres that people associate with those years. In the 90’s, they had grunge and alternative rock, the 70’s had disco and punk, the 2000’s had pop, and so on. Every genres comes and goes in waves. Is it possible to predict the next trend in popular music just by looking whether something’s about to peak or what has already peaked?

Data Gathering

Using this dataset and Spotipy, I had every entry in the Billboard 200 since 1966. Using Spotipy, I acquired genres from every single unique artist, and then grouped them by year.s


Graph This graph above, starting from 1980, proves what I said earlier. Unsuprisingly, hip-hop took over as the most popular genre in the 2010’s. However, it looks like its reached is peak around 2015, and it’s on its way out. Even so, it looks like pop and country stay pretty consistent in their portions, no matter what year. Rock music had its time in the 80’s and 90’s and has been dead ever since the early 2000’s.

Final Thoughts

With genres that aren’t as popular anymore, why are they not popular. Is it because it was a product of its time, or perhaps the genre itself has gotten stale after being popular for so long. Perhaps, some experimentation needs to happen within the genre to make itself appeal to today’s music listeners. Take whatever you want from these results.

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